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Marc Sheppard by Iazcutler Marc Sheppard by Iazcutler
This is Marc Sheppard. With him I ended Mass Effect twice. First time I romanced Liara, then on second time I Ashley. When I import my save to Mass Effect, was Ash his romantic interest, but I saw Miranda and Ahs get mad with me, oh well...
On Mass Effect 3, Liara and Ashley became good friends with Marc, but he was forever own by Miranda. On Mass Effect 2 I get a save and for curiosity I romanced Tali, one of my favorite character, but I didn't give continuity to this save.
I bough Mass Effect Trilogy for PS3 and this time I played a female character. First, she romanced Liara, then on second game she went to Garrus and became with him until Mass Effect 3 end.
Now I am playing slowly with another female on PC and I she is on Mass Effect 2 now, and this time she will not left Liara as my another two characters did.
This male Sheppard of the picture is a soldier with some biotic powers. I know you all love your own character but I tell you, my Sheppard is deadly, I loved play with all weapons, something only soldiers could do on the first games. On Citadel DLC, the final boss was something very complicate to win because... - *Spoiler* alert - Sheppard against Sheppard was something epic. The clone surprise me because he did all the same lethal thing I was used to do with my character. Well, was a fight to remember, ehehe.
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October 14, 2013
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